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Keelan Raymond Senn

Born on August 21st, 2001 in Wettingen, Aargau, Switzerland
Loves driving his sister mad, riding his bicycle, Bob the Builder, watching "Ready, Steady, Cook", and adores his new baby sister Ellie


with Papi on a steamtrain ride

with his sleeping bag before the big camping

first night in the tent

Keelan the Builder

Ready for Waldspielgruppe

Beeing the model for Mummy


Funny boy...!

Blowing out his 4th birthday candles

Proud of turning 4

Keelan with newborn cousin Sebastian

Early on his 4th birthday...

A happy boy just turned 4

Having a rest on a hot day

Enjoing a cool dip in the new pool

Keelan with his best friend "Neimond" (small green grasshopper)

Having a go on his new bike

Who's in the camera?

Being a model for Mummy

Keelan in hospital before his operation

He looks at least as good as Lance...!!

Keelan on the lookout

Patting "Imbie"

Keelan with his friend Bob

Giving each other a cuddle

Keelan with Papi's cousin Julia

Working in the garden in early spring

Driving a firetruck

With his rollerskates in the lounge room

Keelan, the hopscotch master

Riding his new scooter

Watching Papi working

Keelan on skis

Keelan and Papi in Herrischried, Germany

A tired boy after a run on the ski slopes

Keelan and Tehya "Wiggling"