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Tehya Marjorie Senn

Born on September 30th, 2002 in Wettingen, Aargau, Switzerland
Loves driving the whole family mad, doing it her own way, butterflies, dancing, singing, and her bunny(!!),


on the steamtrain

enjoying the ride with Mummy

with her sleepingbag before the night in the tent

with Keelan's Gotti on a hot day

happely on the swing

nice watering cans....

on the computer

cuddle before Waldspielgruppe




A few pics from Tehya's third birthday

Having a rest on the couch

Papi and Tehya sound asleep

Opening Keelan's birthday presents

Watching a thunderstorm

Her first ride on her new bike

Tehya smiling for Mummy

Tehya after Lunch outside

Having a naked ride on the swing

Two girls on the couch

With her new dress

Tehya with Papi's cousins Julia and Carina

Tehya the firetruck driver

With a balloon

Cuddling her bunny and her horse

In her old pool

With her new bikini


Dancing in the lounge room

Smiling with Mummy into the camera

On her new scooter

Having a drink outside

Tehya after a day in the snow

With Grandpapa at a presentation

After a nap in the closet

The queen on January 6th (Dreikönigstag)

Tehya and Keelan in the snow